Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ouch! Nasty SSAS Linked Object Error

Deploying a SSAS 2005 "virtual cube" (one which consists of linked measure groups from other cubes) I encountered the following error;

Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The metadata for the statically linked measure group, with the name of xxxxx, cannot be verified against the source object

Luckily Google came to the rescue with this MSDN forum thread, the jist of which is that if you add a linked measure group to a cube, the BIDS interface will let you delete some of the measures in the group (since you may not want to show all the available measures in your new cube) - however, doing this causes the above error when processing the cube! The error is basically saying that the linked measure group metadata no longer matches that of the source measure group.

The solution is that when you add a linked measure group, all the existing measures should be left intact. To hide them from the end user, set the "Visible" property for each measure.

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  1. Thanks Nathan...I just ran into this today while adding a new measure as a linked object in a test db. I never ran into the issue before so I too took to google. Some of the solutions were harsh such as dropping the db and recreating however it was just an xml issue. I browsed the xml makeup of the linked measure group after re-adding, refreshing/saving and all looked good. I was able to process the linked measure without issue. I needed validation/clarification of the issue and your post matched exactly the process I followed.